Stage 1:

Entries are now closed and will re-open Autumn 2019. Entry is by way of a short video submission by a team of 2-5 individuals aged 14-16 years old from a school, club, society or a group of friends.

Examples below:

Stage 2:

Shortlisting for the semi-final then takes place in the form of face-to-face interview with ABP and the Northern Ireland Angus Producer Group, based on the video submission.

Stage 3:

Selected semi-finalists are then invited to compete an exhibition-style semi-final event.

At the semi-final, teams will be expected to display and demonstrate knowledge of ABP; the Angus breed and a particular aspect of agriculture and/or food production that interests them. They compete in front of an independent panel of judges made up of industry experts.

Reaching and taking part in the semi-final is a fantastic opportunity for self-development, team-building. It gives young people and the club or school they represent the opportunity to shine in front of assembled guests and the media. The team will be expected to speak to the judges and the media about the topics with knowledge and confidence, demonstrating that they have carried out research. They will also have to produce a display for the exhibition to high standard that conveys their work and ideas.

Those teams who have accumulated the most marks from their video, interview and their participation in the semi-final will then be awarded a place in the final stage.

Final stage:

Become one of the lucky finalists in the ABP Angus Youth Challenge and you’re already a Winner…

  • You will embark on an 18-month journey of personal development, knowledge-building and skills development with the leading and award-winning beef processor, ABP.

  • You’ll expand your knowledge about agri-food production and develop important transferable life skills for the world of work.

  • You’ll win and be rearing your own prize-calves through to finishing and then profit from their sale to ABP. All this whilst working as a team on exciting projects that help support ABP’s quality beef supply chain from farm to fork.

  • Having the accolade of Finalist in the ABP Angus Youth Challenge puts you and your CV in a great place for whatever you do next - whether that’s leaving school at 16 to enter the world of work, or continuing with your studies.



Finalist teams will be awarded five Aberdeen Angus calves per team at a high profile, public prize-giving ceremony

  • The finalist teams go on to rear their calves through to finishing and fully benefit from the net profit at sale of the calves to ABP.

  • Finalists will also benefit from a skills development programme with ABP over the course of 18 months.

  • An additional £1,000 cash prize will be awarded to the overall winning school/club or group.

“As an opportunity for our pupils to develop public speaking and interview experience. Seeing the industry from a different view point.”
— Teacher, 2019 Semi-Finalist Team
“Gives pupils who study agriculture & land use and rural children a voice as they want a career in the industry.”
— Teacher, 2019 Semi-Finalist Team