Rules of Entry


The following rules are designed to ensure that the ABP Angus Youth Challenge is conducted as fairly and as efficiently as possible and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the organising group.  Infringement of any of the rules listed below may lead to exclusion of individuals or groups from present and/or future participation.  The decision of the judges in relation to any breach of the rules shall be final.

 General Rules

1.         The ABP Angus Youth Challenge is organised by ABP and Northern Irish Angus Producer Group whose decision on all matters relating to the competition will be final.

 2.         There may be multiple entries per school/club/society which must be constructed as       follows:

            i)          A group of 2, 3, 4 or 5 members

            ii)         Year 11/12 at school and/or 14-16 years of age at time of entry                     

3.         To enter, a group must submit a 3 minute video which explains and develops the following:

·       Introduction of the school/club/society and the participating members

·       Understanding of the sponsor of the competition, ABP

·       Plans for the promotion of ABP, the Aberdeen Angus breed and the aspects of rural life and/or farming they intend to explore if successful in winning the calves

 Video should be sent by USB to:

 Arthur Callaghan


Greenbank Industrial Estate Warrenpoint Road


Co Down

BT34 2PD

 Names, addresses, dates of birth and contact details for each participating member and the name and contact details of the Supervisor/Teacher should be included in writing.

 4.         The closing date for receipt of entries is 12noon, on 30 November 2018.  Under no circumstances will late entries be accepted. 

            A shortlist of entries will be invited to attend an interview based on their video.  All members of the group must attend this interview.

 5.         Projects that have been entered in other similar competitions cannot be accepted as entries.

 6.         Projects must be submitted on the basis that they cover Angus cattle production, where the project should be predominately about the production cycle from calves through to beef cattle and the processing, distribution and marketing of Angus beef.  It may also incorporate other items related to agriculture, agri business and rural way of life.

 7.         Projects must be submitted as a group project.

 8.         Groups may only enter one project into the competition.

 9.         Each group must appoint a group leader who will direct the work and later act as a spokesperson.  All group members must fully participate in judging interviews.

 10.       All members of a group should be fully involved, share the work and be familiar with everything that is presented.  The final work should reflect the co–ordinated efforts of all group members.

 11.       In exceptional circumstances, groups may wish to decrease or increase the number of people participating in their accepted Group Project team.  Any such proposed changes need to be submitted in writing to the organisers before any change can be made detailing the proposed change(s) and the exceptional circumstances necessitating them.  Failure to do so will lead to the proposed changes being rejected and the project being judged in the original grouping.   The organiser’s decision as to whether such changes are acceptable will be final.

 12.       This competition involves live animals.  Therefore, participants must ensure that such studies are carried out in accordance with the statutory regulations.  Copies of the regulations are available from Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Dundonald House, Upper Newtownards Road, Ballymiscaw, Belfast BT4

            Also visit:–609–eec_en.pdf

 13.       Participants should be aware at all times of the dangers of dealing with livestock.  They should familiarise themselves with best practice in this regard and should conduct themselves in accordance with standard Health & Safety Regulations as per the farm on which the animals are kept.  Animal welfare should be considered at all times and a copy of the Animal Welfare Code of Practice is available from the farm on which the calves are or from the organisers (ABP Standard).

 14.       It is expected that all or the majority of the work for a project will be conducted either in the home or the outside environment.  Understandably, some projects may involve visiting distant locations.  Participants may seek advice or information about their project from sources beyond their school/club, such as on the 'web', from government organisations or from Universities, Institutes of Technology, CAFRE or other experts.  However, the majority of participants' work should be conducted under the supervision of their relevant school/club leader with, where appropriate, suitable levels of involvement by parents, guardians or other responsible adults.

 15.       A group may be part of only one project.  Members of one group may not be members of another group.

 16.       Some groups who have entered a project may find themselves unable to complete it.  It is very important that the organisers are immediately notified of this.  If a project has to be withdrawn, the organisers must be notified immediately by e–mail.

 17.       The judges reserve the right to withhold awards in the event of projects not reaching a satisfactory standard.

 18.       If a group has not adhered to all the rules and regulations of this competition, the judges have the right to withhold awards or exclude the project at any stage during the judging process.

 19.       The judges' decision in all matters relating to the award of prizes will be final.

a)         Judges feedback can be provided to semi-finalist teams who are unsuccessful in reaching the final stage by the Chairman of the Judging Panel. This will be provided after the finalists have been announced in April 2019 and to the designated point of contact for the semi-final teams only.

b)    Parents are very welcome to accompany their children to the semi-final and we are delighted to have them present. Please convey however that no communication or correspondence will be entered into during any of the selection stages about the decision-making process or relative performance of competing teams; nor will any feedback be provided to anyone other than the designated point of contact.

c)         Any requests for feedback must to directed in writing from the nominated point of contact for the school/club or society for the team ONLY. This request should be sent to with the subject header FEEDBACK REQUEST 2019 SEMI-FINALIST ABP ANGUS YOUTH CHALLENGE

 20.       Finalist groups must submit articles on the progress of the cattle and their project at regular intervals.  These progress reports will be used in publications.

 21.       Finalist groups must be available to attend the 2019 Balmoral Show and remain present on the stand to speak with the visiting public about their projects.

 22.       The organisers will NOT be responsible for any expenses incurred by the groups in travelling to or from Balmoral Show, or during their stay.

 23.       The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect from 25th May 2018, replacing previous data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive. Privacy Notices have been issued by Irish Aberdeen-Angus Producers CLG, Longfield, Virginia, Co. Cavan T/A Irish Angus Producer Group in the Rep. of Ireland and Northern Irish Angus Producer Group in Northern Ireland.  We take our responsibilities under applicable data protection law, including the General Data Protection Regulation and implementing legislation such as the Irish Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK Data Protection 2018 (“Data Protection Law”), as applicable, very seriously.  These privacy notices are available on our website at and can be found at the following link  The purpose of these notices is to inform you on the data relating to you that we may collect and use and the uses (including disclosures to third parties) we may make of such data.


24.       The finalist groups will be presented with their prize of 5 Angus cross calves per group at the Balmoral Show 2019.

 25.       The calves will then be sent to a designated farm selected by the group.  That farm will need to apply and be verified as suitable for that purpose by the organisers.  In the absence of the group being in a position to provide a farm to rear the calves, the organisers will nominate a farm.

 26.       When the calves have gone through the system and are ready for slaughter, they must be slaughtered in an ABP NI plant selected by the organisers on a designated day.  At this point, if the groups have completed all the requirements of the project, they will receive the original value of the calves, plus any profit made during the period spent on the host farm after all reasonable costs have been deducted.

 27.       In early 2021, having submitted their completed projects, one of the finalist groups will be selected as the overall winner and that group will receive £1,000 for their school/club/society.

 28.       The organisers will commission a photographer to take photographs and videos of the cattle and the participants from time to time, both on farms and at events.  The organisers retain the right to use these photographs and videos for promotional purposes such as website or media.  

 29.       For the avoidance of doubt, all those interested in applying to enter the competition (or their lawful parents or guardians in respect of entrants under the age of 18) shall be deemed by virtue of the submission of an application and completion of the application process to have agreed to the use of certain personal information such as, but not exclusively, their names, town of residence, age, subjects being undertaken at school, career aspirations, photographs, project information, interview filming and recordings, in the manner and for the purposes set out in clause 28 above.

 30.       Every effort will be made by the organisers for fairness and equity.  There is no mechanism for appeal or for the discloser of marks awarded at any stage of the competition.