Andrew Wallace, Head of Membership Development, Business in the Community, NI

“What a wonderful way for schools from around the country to have an immersive work inspiration. Business in the Community are passionate about connecting young people to the world of work and this is an ‘A Star’ example. The enthusiasm shown by the pupils on the day made it clear that they had already began engaging their minds and will have left the day better informed about the Agri-food sector and better able to make choices about their future.”


“Business in the Community often quotes the Education and Employers Taskforce report that states that young people who had experienced just four or more employer contacts at school were five times less likely to be unemployed. This is why we are passionate about initiatives like the ABP Angus Youth Challenge. This particular experience was so incredibly valuable because of the depth of expertise that had been assembled from across the supply chain – a fantastic initiative.”


Zita Blair, Incoming President, Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster

“It was fantastic to see young people from agriculture and non-farming backgrounds share their innovative ideas on how the industry can move forward.”

Edith Finlay, Education Manager, CCEA

“Coming from a teaching background the event is such a wonderful opportunity for children to display the transferable skills they are going to need in the workplace. I congratulate ABP on giving them the opportunity to display their abilities and enthusiasm for agriculture.”


Aurelie Moralis, President NI Veterinary Association

“The ABP Angus Youth Challenge showcases all aspects of Aberdeen Angus beef from farm to fork. It was an enormous challenge for the entrants which encouraged them to question and gain knowledge of the entire process of beef production and its promotion and marketing.  This included health plans, nutrition, environment and welfare as well as the health benefits of eating beef and the importance of traceability. The value of the beef enterprise to our economy was also emphasised.

This was a unique challenge, the value of which was further enhanced by ABP’s marketing and promotion campaign which fully engaged with industry stakeholders and the wider public through organisation of events, widespread social media coverage, press releases and personal involvement. In summary, an excellent insight into all aspects of beef production and marketing for consumers and producers that is helping realise the value of this sector to our economy.” 

John Henning, Angus Breeder and Chairman AgriSearch

It was a great honour to judge the first semi-final. This new competition is novel, innovative and educational and attracted excellent interest from both rural and urban schools and from all sections of the community. Their knowledge and participation was tremendous demonstrating excellent insight and fantastic enthusiasm for Aberdeen Angus cattle and the role of the breed in the agri-food industry.

I believe that the competition can only develop further and commend the organisers on a very successful competition which benefited from superb media coverage across all channels both traditional and new.

Seamus McMenamin, Economist, Livestock & Meat Commission for Northern Ireland

“An excellent initiative allowing young people the opportunity to learn and develop understanding of the food chain and the agri-food industry.”

Dr Sam Kennedy, Head of Educational Services, CAFRE Loughry Campus

The semi-finals of the competition at our Loughry Campus were such a success. There was a tremendous buzz and the motivation of the school children was just brilliant.”

Heather Kettyle, Teacher, Enniskillen Royal Grammar

“A unique contribution to the curriculum, developing skills and making our pupils more employable.”

“Absolutely brilliant. Really going to benefit our pupils.”

Emma Badger, Teacher, Rainey Endowed School

“Our pupils are learning about agriculture, the principles of beef production and the placement of finance within that system.”

Dr Andrew Bell, Teacher, Belfast Royal Academy

“Already their confidence is improving. They are developing communication, presentation and organisational skills.”

Louise Gildea, Teacher, St Louis Grammar